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  1. Robby Sayles PRESIDENT/CEO

    VUSCI Training Department Update

    Awesome @Aaron Schwartz MD OPS, so glad we're headed in the right direction. Robby
  2. Robby Sayles PRESIDENT/CEO

    Sunday Funday - Featuring: KPBI

    Hello All!!! Once again, the ZMA ARTCC will be hosting yet another Sunday Funday On October 7th 2018. This Sunday we will featuring KPBI. The airport featured will be staffed and ready for your arrival and/or departure from 2100z-0030z. Everyone is invited! Bring it on!! We appreciate everyone single one of you for your support!
  3. Robby Sayles PRESIDENT/CEO

    KABQ - Balloon Fiesta Fly-in

    Join the ZAB crew as we staff up to kick off the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta! "From a small gathering of 13 balloons in 1972, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta has grown to become the largest balloon event in the world. Held each year during the first week in October, the Balloon Fiesta attracts hundreds of thousands of guests to Balloon Fiesta Park to experience a nine-day extravaganza of color and excitement, celebrating the world's oldest aviation sport, ballooning. The event not only features hot air balloons but also the prestigious gas balloons." Fly in to Albuquerque... We'll be staffing KABQ as the featured airport, with additional staffing at Double Eagle (KAEG) just a few miles west of KABQ. Do you remember who has the right of way?
  4. Robby Sayles PRESIDENT/CEO

    The Tremendous Southeastern Tripartite

    It's time for a three-way FNO! Come join ZTL, ZHU & ZME for an awesome, three way Crossfire FNO on Friday October 5th at 2359Z! Atlanta-Hartsfield, Houston Intercontinental and Memphis Intl will be fully staffed. We welcome all Airline, Cargo, Military & General Aviation traffic for this great event! As the event nears, you can find preferred routes on all three ARTCCs websites. Please use these routes when traveling between KATL, KIAH, & KMEM as this will allow for a smooth sequence of traffic and reduce delays. We can't wait for this awesome event and look forward to the fun! If you have any questions please email [email protected]!
  5. Robby Sayles PRESIDENT/CEO

    ZNY Minor Thursday: McGuire RAPCON

    Fly into the McGuire RAPCON (WRI) in ZNY's second installment of Minor Thursdays! This week, we're featuring our military airspace so grab you KC-10's, C-17's, and KC-135's and head on out to Central New Jersey.
  6. Robby Sayles PRESIDENT/CEO

    BVA GA Fly-In - "Upstate": KRME, KSYR [2 Oct. 8 -11pm ET]

    Take a day off from your busy routine and drive out to your local hangar to knock the cobwebs off your favorite General Aviation (GA) aircraft...anything from a single piston engine Cessna to a twin-jet Citation. Then, join the rest of the BVA Community for the GA Fly-In, which will visit different parts of the country famous for their scenery and general aviation presence. Look for several local (Tower) controllers at many Class C and D airports staffed under one Approach or Center controller. Pilots are encouraged to fly IFR or VFR between the featured airports, or fly into the event from afar! For more information and event downloads, visit the GA Fly-In page.
  7. Are you attending the Mile High Event on Saturday?

    1. Jay Kidder MD AIR

      Jay Kidder MD AIR

      I will try my best to! :)

  8. How's your week going?

    1. Chris Lintner EVENTS

      Chris Lintner EVENTS

      It's going great! Currently on vacation till 9/26/18! 

  9. Are you affected by Hurricane Florence?

    1. Jay Kidder MD AIR

      Jay Kidder MD AIR

      Fortunately not. BUT, thoughts are with those who are.

  10. We survived another week, what's your plans for the weekend?

    1. Giovanni Medrano DOD

      Giovanni Medrano DOD

      Visiting the Grand Canyon tomorrow then chillin' with extended family until I leave to come back to NY on the 10th!

    2. Keith Lovell VP TECH

      Keith Lovell VP TECH

      Grocery shopping, yard work and flying.  Living the life 😎 LOL

    3. Giovanni Medrano DOD

      Giovanni Medrano DOD

      Grand Canyon moved to Tuesday 

  11. Happy Monday!!

    1. Keith Lovell VP TECH

      Keith Lovell VP TECH

      Happy Monday to you too!

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