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Robby Sayles HQEXO

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  1. How's your week going?

    1. Chris Lintner EVENTS

      Chris Lintner EVENTS

      It's going great! Currently on vacation till 9/26/18! 

  2. Are you affected by Hurricane Florence?

    1. Jay Kidder MD AIR

      Jay Kidder MD AIR

      Fortunately not. BUT, thoughts are with those who are.

  3. Happy Monday everyone

  4. We survived another week, what's your plans for the weekend?

    1. Giovanni Medrano HQTEC

      Giovanni Medrano HQTEC

      Visiting the Grand Canyon tomorrow then chillin' with extended family until I leave to come back to NY on the 10th!

    2. Keith Lovell HQTEC

      Keith Lovell HQTEC

      Grocery shopping, yard work and flying.  Living the life 😎 LOL

    3. Giovanni Medrano HQTEC

      Giovanni Medrano HQTEC

      Grand Canyon moved to Tuesday 

  5. Happy Monday!!

    1. Keith Lovell HQTEC

      Keith Lovell HQTEC

      Happy Monday to you too!

  6. Robby Sayles HQEXO

    Enroute to the Bay area :)

  7. Robby Sayles HQEXO

    Turning Towards GUP VOR

  8. Robby Sayles HQEXO

    Pushing Back :)

  9. Robby Sayles HQEXO

    Getting Ready to head to SFO :)

  10. Robby Sayles HQEXO

    VATSIM Client Option

    Hey Guys, I've been using squawkbox for a while, but I am looking to upgrade. What do you recommend or currently use for your VATSIM Client?
  11. Robby Sayles HQEXO

    Happy Birthday, Keith

    Happy Birthday, @Keith Lovell HQTEC
  12. Happy July, I hope you’re enjoying the summer just as much as we are at VirtualUA! I can’t believe we hit 1,200 flight reports for June; I am so impressed with our community. Of course, we couldn’t do it with your support every day. We’re excited to announce our Community Competitions such as Hub and Screenshot competitions which will be in full swing beginning in August. Stay tuned for more information on those programs. Also, we recently held our 6th Annual Golden Summer event and it was a blast! We gave out around $400 worth of prizes from our generous sponsors. Our next organization-wide event will be our 6th annual holiday event in December. You will have the opportunity to win more great prizes from our sponsors. I want to express my gratitude for each member of our staff team and community. I'm so grateful for this great community! As we continue to grow and enhance our community, I thank you for your participation. Please feel free to message me with any questions, suggestions, comments, or if you just want to chat. Have a great rest of your July and see you in the skies! Robby Sayles President & CEO [email protected]
  13. Robby Sayles HQEXO

    arrived in KAUS.JPG

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