Mile High Bombardment

Tomorrow evening Sammy Holmes, our Houston flight operations manager, is hosting an event entitled Mile High Bombardment. The event will start at 6 pm EST and end at 10 pm EST. Participants may either fly from Chicago (ORD) or Houston (IAH) to Denver. Along the way, there will be active ATC coverage. There will also be some prizes involved! In order to be eligible to win a prize, you must RSVP, be on Discord, and fly the Read more…

Flight Operation Manager

Los Angeles Hub Update

Hello Los Angeles Community, It’s your friendly Flight Operations Manager here! I just wanted to give a quick update on where we are. While we have qualified for the Hub Wars for this month by getting over 60% of our Active Pilots Flown, we are near the bottom when it comes to flights and hours. I know that this is a busy time for many of you who are getting back to school, but let’s try to Read more…

Aircraft News

The Queen is out of the Hangar

After the release of PMDG’S new 747-800, we have decided to bring the queen out of the hangar! The 747 may now be flown in place of the 787 and the 777. All flight reports will be approved if the substitution is made. We hope to see lots of 747s in the skies! Jay Kidder Managing Director of Airline Operations and Communications  Virtual United Social Club, Inc. | Virtual United Social Club, Inc. is not Read more…

Hub Update

San Francisco Hub Update

Hey Pilots! We have reached the middle of September and we are still in the midst of a hubwar! The domicile with the most hours will be able to win a prize. We encourage everyone to fly so we can come out on top! We are the biggest hub, so we should be able to finish this just fine. Reminder, there’s also a screenshot competition ongoing this month! You could win by posting five of Read more…

Community Relations

Technology Briefing

Summer was a busy season for the Technology Team.  We worked closely with Marketing and Communications to implement our new branding as well as ensure our GDPR compliance.  The entire staff team worked tirelessly alongside us to implement and launch alongside  You may also have noticed some of the changes implemented in support of the Airline Operations Team such as the Hub Statistics page. The team also welcomed a new member Giovanni Medrano as our Read more…

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Airline Operations

Meet our Airline Operations Team

My name is Jay Kidder and I am your Managing Director of Airline Operations here at VirtualUA. Some of you might recognize my name from when I was the Flight Operations Manager at the Washington Dulles Domicile. Since then, we have created an entirely new department called Airline Operations. What does this department do? We manage the community here at VirtualUA as well as organize awesome group flights and events for all of our members. Read more…

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August 2018 Recap

August was a great month for Virtual United Social Club, Inc (VirtualUA)!  Our pilots flew an amazing 3,335 hours, during 980 flights! That averages out to 3.4 hours per flight or the equivalent of 1,055 trips from KBOS to KMCO.  There were 50 new Pilots brought onboard, as well as several new Staff members recruited. (Shameless plug: are you interested in being a part of the team? E-Mail [email protected] to find out more!)     Aside Read more…

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September 11

9/11 | Day of Remembrance

Greetings Flight Simulation Community, As you know, today marks 17 years after 9/11/2001. We lost 3,000 beautiful lives that day due to the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. These tragic events shaped our worlds forever with the induction of TSA, airline layoffs and following bankruptcies. United and American were among the hardest airlines hit by these tragedies. Regardless of biases, the United States pulled together as one, and we learned that there is Read more…

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Now Hiring

We are currently hiring the following staff positions: Flight Operations Manager (Houston and Chicago): Flight Operations Managers must be available by email, forums, Discord, and social media as much as possible. They are the first line of contact for pilots assigned to their respected domicile. They are responsible for the oversight of their domicile, including monitoring pilot activity and reviewing Flight Reports to ensure they are within requirements of the Virtual United Member Handbook, and Read more…

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Community Relations

September 2018 Flight Schedules Update

Hello Community Members, Wednesday evening we will be updating all Star Alliance routes based on current schedules available through FlightAware.  As part of the process, all existing flight bids will be temporarily removed.  Once the update process is complete, flight bids will be restored using the new routes. IMPORTANT NOTES: In some cases, the system may remove a flight bid if a matching route cannot be found in the updated system. Flights in progress during Read more…

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