Virtual UA Becomes Official Flight Sim Con Sponsor

VirtualUA Announces Attendance at Flight Sim Con 2018

Virtual United Social Club, Inc. (VirtualUA) is excited to announce our attendance at Flight Sim Con in Dallas June 23-24.  This event will mark our first Staff Conference, an in-person meeting of our leadership and staff team. During our time in Dallas, we will also be meeting with several of our sponsors, hosting a live Q&A during Flight Sim Con and giving away promotional items from our organization.

Our staff will also be having a group dinner and all who wish to attend are invited.

Additionally, for the first time, we will be live-streaming a Town Hall meeting from the conference.

We encourage all conference attendees and guests to meet and visit with us in person.

Now Hiring

VirtualUA has several open staff positions that need to be filled and we think you could be a great addition to our team! We’re currently hiring for:

  • Web Developer
  • Events Coordinator
  • Domicile Manager
  • Communications Representative
  • Member Relations Representative

If you are interested in any of the above positions, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible!

You can apply by visiting the Pilot Center in AMS or by emailing us at [email protected] 

AMS v5 Open Beta Released!

Hi all,

After one and a half years of development, we have finally released AMS (formerly called Crew) v5 Open Beta. This is a huge milestone for VirtualUA, and the biggest overhaul we have seen yet. We’ve worked countless hours to bring you a new and updated system that should last for years to come. This new system promises to be faster and more secure than ever before, while also bringing in a bring new user interface. AMS is now more mobile-friendly than it has been before, so our more mobile pilots will see a welcome upgrade, too. Sold already?

We also went ahead and update the homepage. After taking a look back at it after working on AMS, we decided that it didn’t quite look the part. It’s now also updated to look more modern and sleek.

Submitting Bugs or Suggestions

We’ve worked incredibly hard to bring you the best platform we can, but there’s only so much we can do ourselves. For that reason, AMS is now being released as an open beta. We want to make sure that all pilots have the opportunity to test out our new platform, so that it can work the best for all of us. We simply can’t do this without a little help from the community. To submit a suggestion or bug report, please head over to this page and sign up for an account. Please use your UAL ID for your username, and your real name for your name. This will help us keep track of who’s submitting what. Once you’ve created your account, head over to our Tracker. First, you’ll want to have a look around at both open and closed issues, to make sure that your suggestion hasn’t been suggested yet, or your bug hasn’t been spotted (or squashed) yet. If not, then create the issue. Please refrain from adding tags, milestones, or assignee’s to issues that you create. Also, please refrain from just asking general questions on the Tracker.

The sign up link for the event!

If you are going to participate in the 5th Annual Holiday event sponsored by VATSIM, REX Simulations, Flightbeam and FS2Crew please sign up here to be eligible for the prizes!

Sign up link:


ATTENTION: Server outage for the night of 27th

There will be a server outage during the night of November 27th to the 28th. The outage should last around 6 hours and go from 9:30PM UTC/Zulu to 05:00AM UTC/Zulu. Please expect downtime for ALL services including ACARS during this time.

If you are doing a flight at this time please file a manual flight report when the servers recover.

Our Sponsors for the 5th Annual Holiday Event!

As a reminder we have an event on December 9th. We will be flying from Denver to Anchorage departing at 1700 zulu on the VATSIM network. This flight will be a representation of real operations meaning you will get departure/arrival information 24hrs prior to the departure slot time (1700 zulu). The sponsors for this event are VATSIM, REX Simulations, FS2Crew and Flightbeam! Denver ARTCC and Anchorage ARTCC will be providing us with ATC during the event.

During the event several lucky pilots will receive a prize from some of our sponsors. ALL Pilots will be receiving a treat from FS2Crew in our Holiday package that we will be releasing in a short time showing our appreciation towards all of our pilots who fly with us!

5th Annual Holiday Event!

Have you seen our recent email? We released the details of our 5th annual Holiday event! In case you missed it here is the press release:

As promised in our last communication, we have been planning a winter event. This year is special to us, due to it being our 5th Annual Holiday Event. This year we will be flying onDecember 9th, 2017 from Denver (KDEN) to Anchorage (PANC). Departure time will be at 1700Z. Please log onto Discord about an hour early so we have time to get acclimated before leaving the gate. VATSIM staffing has already been coordinated with both ARTCC’s. We will be publishing a route closer to day of departure. We are thinking about doing Real Ops similar to what we did a couple years ago, however we would need to get volunteers to dispatch our aircraft.

The event is going to be CAT free, meaning you’re welcome to fly whatever you’d like. Keep in mind it is a bit of a longer flight. With that being said a CRJ700 probably isn’t going to get the job done.

Also, those that attend this years event have the chance to win a couple of different prizes, donated by our sponsors. We will also be giving out our yearly gifts to show our appreciation for everything you do for us. See you at our Winter Bash!

Strong Tailwinds and Blue Skies,