There are 9 flights in progress @ 2018-12-16 07:10Z

Airline Pilot Flight From To Aircraft Status Progress
UAL2132 Alex Story UAL98 KLAX YMML B789 Cruising 7,237 NM, 18:06 Remaining
UAL2999 Steven Giblin TAP1232 LPPT UUDD A320 Cruising 2,251 NM, 4:05 Remaining
UAL3421 Daniel Debartolo SIA325 EDDF WSSS B77W Cruising 3,747 NM, 7:11 Remaining
UAL3222 Fabio van Roon THA927 EDDF VTSP B773 Cruising 823 NM, 1:44 Remaining
UAL3279 Matt Keane UAL863 KSFO YSSY B789 Taxiing to Runway 7,425 NM, 571:08 Remaining
UAL5039 Bin Zhang CCA1902 ZWWW ZBAA B773 Paused 160 NM, 0:17 Remaining
UAL5332 Sam Chen DLH446 EDDF KDEN B744 Cruising 1,179 NM, 2:29 Remaining
UAL9170 Brandon Chan UAL915 KIAD LFPG B772 Cruising 672 NM, 1:15 Remaining
UAL9206 Christian Birch TAP571 EDDF LPPT A320 Paused 171 NM, 0:29 Remaining